If there is an industry for a security guard; we have most likely provided services for it.

If there is an industry for a security guard; Admiral Security Services, Inc. has most likely provided services for it. Although the concept of securing assets, protecting personnel, or access control may have basic universal elements, we at Admiral Security have identified that they remain unique in every way. Our success has relied heavily on paying attention to those small details. Adapting to client markets and industries has been an advantage that gives Admiral Security the edge to be able to surpass its competition.

A high end retail store at the mall may require a clean cut security agent in a suit that has great customer skills. A detention facility may need a security officer in a police-like uniform that maintains order and does not veer from strict policy. A construction site may require a hard hat, familiarity with safety standards, and high energy to continuously rove the site while being careful and safe. A college campus would need somebody with a strong personality that will not encourage negative behavior while acting as a mentor and a leader to motivate students to follow the rules and policies.

Admiral Security Services, Inc. goes beyond the basics of providing a basic guard. We understand your needs and find the right person for each job. Our goal is to become a transparent key team player that upholds your policy, your standards, while also maintaining a safe, secure, and protected environment.

Our uniforms are law enforcement grade; built to withstand the toughest environments, while looking professional. We have different attire for any situation, such as Class A uniforms, blazers, Military BDUs, and suit and tie outfits. We can also provide traffic safety vests, cold and snowy weather uniforms, and rain suits if the weather permits. Equipment provided for duty belts range from flashlights, handcuffs, tasers, firearms, radios, various types of ear pieces, batons, zip ties, gloves, and pepper spray, as qualified training allows.

Admiral Security Services, Inc. owns and operates a fleet of commercial vehicles ranging from ex-police Crown Victoria’s, to 4×4 pickup trucks, fuel efficient patrol vehicles, 15 passenger transport vans, and even golf carts.

Admiral Security Services, Inc. uses state of the art hosting servers, professional services, cloud based platforms, live and fully automated dispatch, scheduling and billing software, biometric clock-ins, and VoIP telecommunications. In addition, we are a paperless company. All security officer related forms are submitted on tablets and iPads, which enable quick collection of information submitted to our server that can be reviewed by the command center and submitted for client reports. Having access to this up to date information online allows Admiral Security Services, Inc. to field information and produce answers immediately. It also provides efficiently seamless access to information and the ability to act immediately, submitting any relevant information to appropriate parties for resolution. This process helps us work more efficiently and provide better service to our customers.

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Who We Serve


Admiral Security Services, Inc. is one of the largest uniformed commercial security guard services providers in the nation and serves nationwide accounts.


When your need arises, a response is minutes away. We are ready to receive your instructions and dispatch a security officer to your location within minutes.

Medical Establishments

We provide a full security detail that entails patrolling the floors, crowd management, access control, visitor logs and more.

Resorts & Hotels

We understand the elements of hospitality, outstanding customer service, and are willing to do whatever it takes to best represent your mission statement.


We make sure to utilize the labor expense of security officers around the clock to observe and report in an organized digital report fashion, this makes communication easy for the management office.


Admiral Security Services, Inc. is a GSA contract holder. We are approved to provide services for the Government Services Administration.

Colleges & Schools

Safety and security of students and guests is our top priority and handled delicately and efficiently.