Apartment Complexes

A management office focuses on making sure that the general administration and the facility are kept to the highest standards.

At Admiral Security Services, Inc. we focus on everything else: Enforcing pool hours and access, maintaining reports of lights, fence, and perimeter damage, front gate and point of entry control with visitor access logs, vehicle access logs, and even searching vehicles if deemed necessary.

We make sure to utilize the labor expense of our around the clock security officers who will observe and report in an organized digital report fashion. These digital reports make communication easy for the management office. You will receive a report the following morning with everything that we encountered during the last 24 Hours. This report has digital spreadsheets of logs, records of after hour emergency calls, and detailed reports including all important persons, locations, and times. These details and our commitment separate Admiral Security Services, Inc. from the rest because we act as a constructive partner. Our goal is to team up with management to provide the best services possible, not just from a security perspective, but from upholding general administration standards.

Customers that utilize this system get up to date information about everything that occurs onsite in the form of daily reports enabling a quick repair and a swift resolution. This digital system makes paper hand written reports obsolete by providing a digital, green, electronic report that is easy to read and sectioned out by category. We at Admiral Security Services, Inc. strive for an efficient partnership in providing the highest quality experience for tenants and management alike.

Our uniforms are law enforcement grade; built to withstand the toughest environments, while looking professional. We have different attire for any situation, such as Class A uniforms, blazers, Military BDUs, and suit and tie outfits. We can also provide traffic safety vests, cold and snowy weather uniforms, and rain suits if the weather permits. Equipment provided for duty belts range from flashlights, handcuffs, tasers, firearms, radios, various types of ear pieces, batons, zip ties, gloves, and pepper spray, as qualified training allows.

Admiral Security Services, Inc. owns and operates a fleet of commercial vehicles ranging from ex-police Crown Victoria’s, to 4×4 pickup trucks, fuel efficient patrol vehicles, 15 passenger transport vans, and even golf carts.

Admiral Security Services, Inc. uses state of the art hosting servers, professional services, cloud based platforms, live and fully automated dispatch, scheduling and billing software, biometric clock-ins, and VoIP telecommunications. In addition, we are a paperless company. All security officer related forms are submitted on tablets and iPads, which enable quick collection of information submitted to our server that can be reviewed by the command center and submitted for client reports. Having access to this up to date information online allows Admiral Security Services, Inc. to field information and produce answers immediately. It also provides efficiently seamless access to information and the ability to act immediately, submitting any relevant information to appropriate parties for resolution. This process helps us work more efficiently and provide better service to our customers.

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