Construction Sites

Admiral Security Services, Inc. has worked extensively on major construction projects with high commercial buildings, apartment complexes, school campuses, and even the country border divider. We understand that a minor vandalism or theft could delay a project weeks, and cost thousands to millions of dollars.

Protecting the equipment from damage is essential for a streamlined project. Protecting the construction site against copper theft is vital to ensure supplies are available in a timely fashion for the project’s progress. Given modern technological advancements, construction sites have a variety of issues that could arise from minor problems but cause major delays. Our goal is to make sure that we setup a secure perimeter, protect the equipment, deter harm, and make sure everything at the end of the construction day is the same as the following morning. In addition, we can monitor contractor access, check credentials, and ensure homeless wanderers do not seek shelter on the property. Officers may utilize regular vehicles, conduct foot patrols, and work with current alarm systems. Officers watch for safety and fire hazards, and anything that may cause harm to the assets, personnel and visitors. Regardless of the dynamics of your company’s needs, we can provide a solution that fits you.

  • Have you had any copper theft?
  • Have you had any tools missing?
  • Have you had unwanted visitors come after hours?
  • Do you have wet cement or any delicate setup onsite that needs protection?
  • Do you worry about curious bystanders or pedestrians coming into an unsafe environment and getting hurt?
  • Do you worry about OSHA standards and keeping the site up to par?
  • Is there any political party that may be in opposition to success of this project?

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