Live Scan

Admiral Security obtains fingerprints and submits them via electronic capture with Live Scan electronic capture fingerprinting technology. We make fingerprinting fast, accurate, and convenient for all of your needs. Examples of Printing: Security, Childcare, Healthcare, Personal Review, Licensing, Adoptions, Nursing, Schools/Volunteers and more…

Live Scan Service with Electronic Capture

For Live Scan Service, the applicant can come on site at Admiral Security Services, Inc. Office located at 2151 Salvio St. Suite 260 Concord, CA 94520 on business days between the hours of 10:00 AM and 4:00 PM. A qualified Live Scan Operator will obtain the print and submit to the appropriate agency electronically on the applicant’s behalf. Fingerprinting will be billed per applicant processed.

Pricing: $25 + DOJ/FBI fees (Depends on Agency/Type of license usually $51.00) – Pay now by credit card

Mobile Unit Service

For the Mobile Unit, we come to your facility to fingerprint larger groups of applicants. This is a great option for organizations that wish to save their applicants time and travel. Admiral Security Services will send a qualified Live Scan Operator and a certified live scan workstation to a designated facility on a mutually agreed-upon date to capture fingerprints. The organization will be responsible for scheduling and organizing the applicants to be fingerprinted. The organization will be required to provide a space to conduct the fingerprinting; this includes a table, 2 chairs and a power source. All fingerprint records, including required demographic data, will be submitted in accordance to DOJ/FBI specifications. We require a minimum of 10 applicants for a mobile unit visit. Please email to schedule a facility visit.

Pricing: $35/person (Min. 10) + DOJ/FBI fees (Security guard is usually $51.00) – Pay now by credit card

  • All applicants must:
    • Bring a valid government photo ID
    • Bring filled out LiveScan agency form