Backend System: TrackTik

Our security is data driven and so it delivers greater value. With real-time data from security personnel in the field, backed and processed by professional management, while all being accessible to the client; we are able to respond quicker, react faster and deliver end-to-end view of your operations like never before. 

Our backend system powered by TrackTik provides complete operational oversight and control. We are able to automate repetitive tasks and standardize protocols, then define the actions our security personnel need to take across your sites to drive reporting consistency using customized report templates. In addition, by collecting data on incidents over time this also means we can spot trends and patterns that enable us to take a proactive approach to our services and pre-empt problems.

The Client Portal, shares targeted, real-time data on your security operations with you and our 24/7 Security Operations Center (SOC), a complete live picture over what’s happening on the ground. Being able to compile electronic reports in the field allows our guards to submit reports in a few clicks making sure the data your receive is pertinent and timely. 


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